Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea



Korean Dramas, K-POP, Kimchi, Korean Barbeque are all from SOUTH KOREA.

Now if you want to visit “Mainland South Korea ( SEOUL, BUSAN) you need to secure a visa FIRST.

If you want to visit the beautiful volcanic island of JEJU then Philippine passport holders may stay up to 30 days NO VISA REQUIRED, but wait! you need to fly or enter directly to the Island. (I will post an article on my trip to JEJU soon)

REMINDER: This may only applies for Filipinos Working or Living in Hongkong / Macau and strictly for TOURISM.

Please be informed that if you are holding a valid working permit in Macau (the “Blue Card“), you are eligible to apply your Korean visa at Hongkong Visa Office.

Note: Foreign domestic helper who is working in Hongkong/Macau is not eligible to apply for “Short Term General Tourism C-3-9” visa at Hongkong visa office. CLICK HERE

The process of obtaining a South Korean Visa is easy, fast with few requirements needed. I recommend to process your visa application at least one month before your planned flight to give you ample time incase more requirements are needed by the visa office.

This Visa is Single Entry and will be valid for 3 months after issued with a maximum stay of 30 days.

Note: The visa application FEE is FREE for Filipino passport holder who applies for a stay period of less than 60 days.


  1. Visa Application Form
      • Applicants must fill out and sign the application form
      • Affixed a colored photograph with white colored background (sized 3.5 x 4.5 cm)
      • Use Blue color ball point pen and fill up the APPLICATION FORM
    • Passport
      • 6 months or more should be left on passport expiration date
      • Original and a copy of the identification page
      • Original and a copy of Valid Hongkong or Macau Visa on the Passport
      • Valid HK visa (original and copy) or
        Valid Macau Authorization to Stay Permit (original and copy), the mentioned 33 countries:
        Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia,
        Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Iran,
        Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt,
        Peru, Syria, Cuba, Sudan, Macedonia, Kosovo, Palestine,
        Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Gambia, Senegal, Somalia, Cameroon
        *The listed 33 nationals who has being resided in HK more than 2
        years, should provide the previous 2 years’ residing visas which
        issued by HK Immigration Department (original and copy)
        *The listed 33 nationals who has being resided in Macau more than
        2 years, should provide the Certificate, issued by Macau
        Immigration Office, which indicates the residing records in
        Macau of last 2 years (original).
      • Copy of Identification Card
        • Submit a copy of Hongkong ID or Macau ID card ( Blue Card)
      • Financial Proof Statement
        • Supporting documents proving the financial ability with more than HKD/MOP20,000 valued is needed.
        • Either one of the followings can be submitted as the proof:


          Bank Pass Book (the last shown balance should be updated within 1 month) – Original and photo copy


          Certificate of deposit which issued by bank within 1 month – Original and photo copy


          Time Deposit Certificate which issued by bank (with the maturity date which is later than the application date) – Original and photo copy


          Monthly bank statement which issued by bank within 1 month (photo copy or the print-out of e-statement are acceptable). If it is an statement with integrated accounts, the balance under “Saving Accounts” should be with HKD/MOP20,000 or more. The amount shown under “Investment” or “Mortgage” will not be considered.


          The transaction records with last balance of HKD/MOP20,000 or more which printed by bank within 1 month (this should be officially stamped by the issuing bank)


          If using the on-line banking service, the print-out of bank balance shown online will be acceptable. Note: In general, the account holder’s name may not be shown with the bank balance. Additional proof (such as the ATM card which shows account holder’s name and account number – original and photo copy) should be provided at the same time.

Where to submit the application?

Consulate General of the Republic of Korea
Address : 5th floor, Far East Finance Center, 16 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong.

  • Tel : +852-2528-3666(1:30-4:30PM), 2529-4141
  • E-Mail :

Get off at Admiralty MRT Station and take exit B and look for the Golden tinted Glass Building

Office hours for Visa Application and Collection

Visa Application 09:00~12:00 (Normal workday)
※Applicants must arrive by 11:30 AM on the day of submission
Visa Collection 13:30~16:30 (Normal workday)

Consulate closes on Saturday and Sunday, Public Holidays.

Please be reminded that your passport will be kept in the visa office to process the visa. Therefore, it is suggested that the application to be submitted by proxy instead of in person.

Applicants not submitting their Visa Application in person but through a representative are required to submit ‘Authorization Form’ on the back page of the Visa Application Form.

It takes 5 working days (the submission day, Sat, Sun and public holidays are excluded) to process the visa.

Visa Fee Exemption for PHILIPPINES PASSPORT for a stay of less than 60 days.


Good Luck and Enjoy your visit to KIMCHILAND

CLICK this link for more information: KOREA

Next: Japan Visa Application Single/Multiple Entry.

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14 thoughts on “SOUTH KOREA – TOURIST VISA

  1. Mka punta nga ng kimchiland😎😆

    Liked by 1 person

  2. can i use my Ph bank account instead eventhough im macau based?


    1. Sorry for the late response,
      YES you can show your PH Bank account/statement which is equivalent to at least 20,000 HKD.


  3. I am from Macau(blue card holder). I want to know how many month of the blue card date must be left when apply?


    1. Basic documents required for visas for different purposes
      ① Relevant certificate issued by the government of the country of residence proving that the applicant has been resided and stayed with a long-term stay visa for the last two consecutive years
      (Long-term stay visas issued by the Hong Kong/Macau government from that period)


      ② Holding a long-term stay visa that allows to stay for more than 3 months during application

      Excerpt from


  4. I am from Macau(blue card holder) the validation is until July 15th. my Macau visa is in old passport and I made a new passport just now can I apply by new passport? Thank you


    1. Hi Ram, I think you need to have your Macau Work Visa updated to your new passport first, as the consulate will ask for a photocopy of it.


  5. hi bro tnx for the info…
    i just wanna ask some a bluecard holder and my friend informed me the new rules in getting korean visa..should be atleast 2yrs in that true bro?? well im working in my company for it possible for me to get korean visa???


    1. Hi and you’re welcome..
      Yes! there’s a recent update and the consulate require applicants to provide a document from Macau Immigration that you’ve resided or stayed in Macau for at least 2 yrs.
      I will give you the link
      Hope this will Help You.
      Are you planning to visit Mainland South Korea?
      You can also Visit Jeju Island without securing a korean visa, but you need to fly in and out directly from the Island.


  6. tnx bro…yes in mainland south korea…maybe i need to wait for another year to have 2yrs here in macau🤣…now its difficult to get korean visa because of this new requirement…


    1. You can try Japan first, its easy to get one.


  7. Hi there Alex! I am also currently working here in Macao, and i just want to ask some questions or clarification regarding the application for Korean tourist visa. You can reach me via email: . Thanks a lot.


  8. Hi there Alex! I am also currently working here in Macao. i just want to ask some questions or clarifications regarding the application for Korean Tourist Visa. You can reach me via email . thank you so much


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