THINGS TO DO FOR 36 Hours in Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou or Canton is the capital of Guangdong Province, it is one of the Major City in China and the third biggest city after Beijing and Shanghai. Guangzhou is situated around the Pearl River Delta and it takes few hours to reach from Hongkong and Macau.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Memorial Hall

Guangzhou is a city northwest of Hong Kong, a modern metropolis with some of the most amazing skyscrapers in the world. You can still find old and historical buildings around the city.

If you’re coming from Macau and you enter China from Zhuhai, the fastest way to get you to Guangzhou is by the taking the CRH or China Railway High Speed Train.

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Take the train at Zhuhai Railway Station ( turn left when you exit at Gongbei Port, 5 minutes walk ) and get off at Guangzhou South Railway Station, the ride will take an hour. Once you reach Guangzhou Station just follow the signs to Guangzhou Metro it will take you to the city centre for around 30 minutes.

Or you can just take a direct bus(Macau CTS) from Zhuhai it will take 2 to 3 hours to reach the city.

So here are the things you can do if you have less than 2 days to explore the city:

Explore Modern Guangzhou

The Chinese city of Guangzhou is home to some of the world tallest buildings. Most of these high rise buildings are 300m+ in height. Besides them you can also see buildings with unique designs.

  1. Guangzhou CTF Finance Center
  2. Guangzhou IFC

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  3. CITIC Plaza
  4. The Pinnacle
  5. Global City Square
  6. Pearl River Tower
  7. Leatop Tower
  8. Fortune Tower
  9. Canton Tower – If you have time visit the Observatory Deck or take a ride in the WORLD’S HIGHEST FERRIS WHEEL.

Reminisce Historical Guangzhou

You may think that Guangzhou is all about high rise buildings, you’re wrong! Guangzhou has a history dating back the time of Qin Dynasty.

You can visit some of Guangzhou historial landmark around the city.

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  1. Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
  2. The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall
  3. Shamian Island – European buildings
  4. Yuexiu Park to visit the Five Rams Statue


The home of authentic Cantonese Cuisine, fresh, tasty mouth watering dishes is all for you to enjoy.

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Getting around the city is easy, just take the Metro and take a few minutes walk to all major attractions.

If you’re going to visit around summertime make sure to bring extra clothes as the weather is really hot and humid. Don’t forget to bring a cap or an umbrella when you decide to walk around.

You can book a good accomodation ranging from luxury to budget hotel depending on your choice. As for me I enjoy staying at a good 3 star Hotel. Use the app and get US$15 back with this coupon code: alexcf84

Don’t Forget to get a Chinese Visa before visiting Guangzhou, China.

Enjoy your Trip



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