MY 30 HOURS – Weekend Trip to Kaohsiung, Taiwan

30 Hours in Taiwan

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It was the month of October, I just came back to Macao from a 15 days trip in Europe. My brother is celebrating his birthday this month so I planned to visit him in Taiwan.

Therefore a week before my off at work I decided to search for a 2-way flight from Hongkong to Kaohsiung using Skyscanner. Lucky that time the ticket price on the date that I want was cheap, so without further ado I booked it right away.

Kaohsiung is the second largest city ( Taipei – The Largest) situated in the southern part of Taiwan.

Travelling to Kaohsiung takes 1 hour from Hongkong. A lot of carrier is flying daily directly to Kaohsiung (Tigerair, Mandarin Airlines, EVA Air, China Airlines). Kaohsiung has its own airport ( Kaohsiung International Airport – KHH ). A metro is linked to the airport so you can reached the main city in few minutes.

NOTE : As of November 01, 2017, Philippine nationals are eligible to travel to the Republic of China (Taiwan) completely visa-free for 14 days. This visa-free initiative shall undergo a 9-month trial period until July 31, 2018 for a further review. More Details HERE.


EAT, PLAY and SHOP at Ruifeng Night Market

Finally arrived in Kaohsiung it was my first visit here. My brother and his wife pick me up at the airport, then I suggested we go directly to Ruifeng.

Taiwan is known for its Night Markets, Shilin is well known in Taipei but here in Kaohsiung its the Ruifeng Night Market. It is considered as the biggest night market in Taiwan. The night market has lot of stalls that offers food, drinks, clothing and games that everyone will like. The Place is usually crowded but surely the place is safe and you’ll enjoy it.

How to get there? Take the Metro Red Line, get off at Kaohsiung Arena Station take exit 1 and walk 5 minutes to the Night Market.

  • You can also visit Liuhe Tourist Night Market smaller than Ruifeng but still offer the same. Take the Metro get off at Formosa Boulevard Station, take exit 11 its the nearest one to the night market.



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The Formosa Boulevard Station is the transfer station between the Metro Red line and Orange Line, by the way Kaohsiung has two Metro Line. While you were at the station go to B1 level and take some time to watch the DOME OF LIGHT. The dome of light features 4 different colorful Theme (Water, Earth, Light and Fire). Enjoy and don’t forget to take some photos.



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We woke up early and ate a sumptuous breakfast prepared by my brother and his wife. Then we started the day by visiting the Dragon Tiger Pagodas. We took a taxi from our accomodation to the Lotus Pond at Zhouying District an artificial lakes surround by temples. We opted to visit the Dragon Tiger Pagodsa first, Dragon and Tiger are both on the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs. Once you’re there try to enter thru the Dragon’s mouth and exit thru the Tiger’s mouth. There is a belief that it will turn your bad luck/energy to a good one. So yeah we just did it and May the GOOD LUCK/ENERGY be with US, lol!



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You can visit also The Pei Chi Pavilion (there’s a statue of Taoist Deity Xuanwi or “God Emperor of the North Pole”), The Confucius Temple , The Spring and Autumn Pavilions.


After visiting the Lotus Pond, we’re off to another attraction… “The Qijin Island”

The island is on the other side of Kaohsiung, it’s a small place with lot of things to do and there are always visitors coming.

How to get there? We took the Metro Orange Line, get off at Sizihwan Station and take Exit 1.

Right at the exit there are people offering tour to the Island, we did’nt take the offer but instead we went to a Bike Rental Shop. We rented bike for each of the three of us, If I remember we paid 300NTD the price is affordable and you can use it for the whole day. We started pedaling our bike to Gushan Ferry Pier, paid 40NTD each for 1 adult. The ferry ride to Cijin Island will take around 10 to 15 minutes.

Finally arrived at the island we went first to a 7/11 store to buy drinks and snacks. We went biking around the island visit the beach, went to see some windmills (I thought its a big one, but just look at the photos below), then we went for Lunch (it is tasty, affordable and they served a variety of foods #seafoods-fresh from the sea). After a filling our stomach we head out, went back to the pier, and return the bikes to the shop.

We spend almost 3 hours in the Island before going back to the Main City.



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So thats it, If you have time then go visit Kaohsiung.

More post about Kaohsiung soon….



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